Geforce RTX40 Series

NVIDIA introduced the long-awaited new GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. The flagship model of the RTX 40 series, which offers up to 4 times more performance compared to previous models and is based on Ada Lovelace architecture: RTX 4090 attracts attention with its features.

“The era of RTX ray tracing and neural processing is in full swing, and our new Ada Lovelace architecture takes it to the next level,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, at the GeForce Beyond: Special Broadcast at GTC event, where the new cards were introduced. .

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 specifications
The flagship of the series appeared with 76 billion transistors and TSMC’s 4 nm fabrication process. In addition to the 3rd generation RT and 4th generation Tensor cores, NVIDIA’s new DLSS 3 technology was announced along with graphics cards with Ada Lovelace architecture.

The RTX 4090 is based on the AD102-300 GPU chip, which houses 16384 CUDA cores, and the operating frequency can go up to 2520 MHz. The graphics card, which has 82.6 TFLOPS and 2.3 times more processing power compared to the RTX 3090, comes with 24 GB GDDR6X memory.

On the memory side, 1TB/s bandwidth is offered, while the 450W TDP value means that the new graphics card consumes more power compared to the RTX 3090 Ti model.

Multi-stream processors with shader power of up to 83 teraflops – 2x the performance of the previous generation.
Third-generation RT cores with up to 191 active ray-tracing teraflops – 2.8 times the performance of the previous generation.
Fourth generation Tensor cores with 1.32 tensor petaflops performance – 5x the performance of the previous generation using FP8 acceleration.
Shader Execution Reordering (SER), which improves compute efficiency by instantly rescheduling shading workloads to better utilize GPU resources. It improves ray tracing performance by 3x and in-game framerates by up to 25 percent.
With 2x faster performance, Ada Optical Flow Accelerator allows DLSS 3 to predict motion in the scene, enabling the neural network to maintain image quality and increase frame rate.
Architectural improvements, tightly coupled with proprietary TSMC 4N process technology, provide up to 2X leaps in power efficiency
Dual NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) cuts export times in half and adds AV1 support. NVENC AV1 encoding is being adopted by OBS, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Discord and more.
How much does the GeForce RTX 4090 cost?
The GeForce RTX 4090 price is set at $ 1599, while NVIDIA announced that it will release the card on October 12. Of course, this is the price of the reference card developed by NVIDIA.

GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 GPUs are available as custom cards, including stock clocked and factory-overclocked, from top hardware manufacturers such as ASUS, Colorful, Gainward, Galaxy, GIGABYTE, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, PNY, and Zotac. will be presented.

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Nvidia DLSS3

NVIDIA introduced many new products and software, from graphics cards to artificial intelligence systems, from special processors developed for autonomous vehicles to cloud systems, at the event it held today. The thing that caught the attention of the players the most was the new NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology.

NVIDIA left the RTX series unrivaled with DLSS 3!
NVIDIA has completed its event that will have a great impact in many fields and sectors, from gamers to software developers, from automotive giants to doctors. But as we mentioned, it was the new DLSS 3 technology that really caught the attention of the players.

Introduced with the new RTX 4090 graphics card, this technology provides a performance increase of up to 4 times compared to previous years. For example, when the RTX 20 series cards were first released, real-time ray tracing in the game clearly showed that 23 FPS was received at 4K graphics settings, 62 FPS was received with DLSS 2, and 101 FPS was obtained with DLSS 3, which joined us as of today.

Of course, it was not only compared with the previous series. For example, while the RTX 4090 graphics card is at 4K resolution and highest settings in Microsoft Flight Simulator, RTX and DLSS are turned off, while RTX and DLSS 3 clearly see values ​​between 106 FPS and 130 FPS.

In addition, the system, which takes 22 FPS with DLSS turned off, RT turned on and RTX turned off, in Cyberpunk 2077 game, again at 4K resolution and high graphics settings, gives 96 FPS with DLSS 3 on, RT on and RTX on. In other words, it manages to increase the performance increase between 2 and 4 times in every scenario.

During the event, no information was given about whether this technology will come to the RTX 20 and RTX 30 cards. However, it is stated that the integration work of 35 games has already been completed and will be added to all productions with DLSS support in the future.

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Youtube Shorts

We recently shared a leak that YouTube Shorts creators will be making a profit on ad revenue. As a matter of fact, this information was confirmed at the event held by the company today. In this way, it plans to become a formidable competitor against TikTok and similar platforms. Here are the details of the new Partner program…

YouTube Shorts creators will now receive ad revenue!
YouTube has announced that with the new changes it will put into effect at the beginning of next year, Shorts content producers will begin to receive advertising revenue. He also said that this partnership offers real revenue sharing for the first time in the world between short video sharing platforms like Vine and TikTok.

If we look at the details, within the scope of the revenue sharing program with new business partners, there will be the right to apply to generate income for content producers who have received 10 million views on YouTube Shorts within 90 days.

Of course, the income here will be provided by the ads that appear in the Shorts feed, just like in TikTok. Then, the amount obtained from this will be collected in a common pool and divided among the content producers according to the total number of views and watch times. The cutoff will be 45 percent regardless of whether they use music or not.

With this development, it is expected that the wage distribution in other applications will be regulated in the near future. Because last year, YouTube’s highest-paid Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) earned $54 million in net income from the platform, while only $15,000 from TikTok.

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GTC 2022

Nvidia introduced many new products and services at the GTC 2022 event it organized today. The company, which has recently expanded its product range, is also getting into the field of high-precision autonomous robots. In line with this goal, Nvidia introduced the IGX platform.

Nvidia IGX will enter surgical platforms using Clara Holoscan
Nvidia introduced the Nvidia IGX platform, which brings advanced security to smart machines and human-machine collaboration, at its event today. The platform is designed as an artificial intelligence platform with medical applications including robotic-assisted surgery and patient monitoring.

The IGX platform also supports the Nvidia Clara Holoscan platform, which allows medical device developers to bridge the gap between on-premises data center and cloud services. This enables rapid development of software-defined devices that bring the latest AI applications directly to the operating room.

Nvidia has already found its working partners. Three leading medical device startups Activ Surgical, Moon Surgical, and Proximie chose the Nvidia Clara Holoscan combination to power their surgical robotic systems. Tom Calef, chief technology officer of Activ Surgical, said:

Nvidia Clara Holoscan will help us optimize valuable engineering resources and get to market faster. With Clara Holoscan and NVIDIA IGX, we envision our intraoperative AI solution with data-driven insights to transform the collective surgery experience and help make world-class surgery accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, the new Nvidia platform is powered by Nvidia IGX Orin, the world’s most powerful, compact and energy-efficient artificial intelligence supercomputer for medical devices. According to the statement, IGX Orin developer kits will be available early next year. Nvidia will convey detailed information about the platform with the free virtual conference, which will last until Thursday, September 22.

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Creator Music

YouTube, which is one of the most used content platforms in the world, has become a source of income for content producers in recent years. Satisfied with this trend, the company further enhances this experience with the innovations it brings to the platform. YouTube recently announced the Creator Music feature for musicians.

Creator Music offers creators an extensive catalog of songs to purchase
The company introduced a number of new features at the Made on YouTube live event. A new feature was introduced at the event, where it was announced that the advertisement feature was brought to YouTube’s Shorts videos. Creator Music has been announced for users who use music in their content.

Creator Music is a new feature that makes it easier for creators who want to use it in videos to purchase songs. The program, which is still in beta testing, will offer an extensive catalog of songs that creators can browse, search and purchase. With the new feature, song owners are also expected to earn money.

YouTube has accelerated its innovations recently. So much so that the company does not want to stay behind in the face of attacks from rival platforms. In this sense, the company, which started to use some features from TikTok, which is its biggest rival, wants to be the best in the content world. On the other hand, YouTube; It has gone through several design changes for Android, iOS and web version.

The platform, which has updated the Shorts section, has now overhauled the video page. In the new design, we see that the boxes are shaped into pills, the like/dislike buttons are combined, and the comments come to the fore. According to YouTube’s new page design, the name of the channel will now be placed between the title of the video and interactable buttons such as like/dislike.

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NVIDIA made a show at the event it held today. The company, which made its mark on the night with the RTX 40∫80 and 4090, came up with new services and products in many areas such as DLLS3 and artificial intelligence technologies. One of them was NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, developed for autonomous vehicles. Here are the details…

NVIDIA DRIVE Thor introduced!
NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, which is an autonomous driving technology at its core, combines functions such as automatic and assisted driving, parking, driver and passenger monitoring, digital instrument panel and in-car entertainment in a single product, with a performance of up to 2,000 teraflops.

Expressed as the next generation, NVIDIA DRIVE Thor came with the capabilities of Grace CPU and Ada Lovelace GPU. While it has MIG support for graphics and computing, it can work simultaneously, without interruption, with the help of the unique IVI and advanced driver.

In his speech on the subject, Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, stated that the developments in computing and artificial intelligence are progressing at the speed of light. He also underlined that DRIVE Thor will always remain active while the vehicle is running and will offer a safe ride.

ZEEKR, which is under the umbrella of the Geely automobile company, announced that it will use the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor architecture and announced that it will use this technology in the next generation smart electric vehicles that will start production in early 2025.

The new NVIDIA DRIVE Thor also has the ability to run multiple operating systems. In this way, it can offer similar solutions for different ecosystems without being tied to a single platform. It also uses NVLink C2C chip connection technology. The NVLink-C2C is capable of sharing, scheduling and distributing jobs across the link with minimal overhead. With this feature, automakers are provided with the ability to securely and wirelessly release software updates.

Another advantage of NVIDIA DRIVE Thor is that it undertakes the function of 5 different hardware by itself. Automatic and assisted driving, parking, driver and passenger monitoring, digital instrument cluster and in-car entertainment functions are combined in the central computer, DRIVE Thor.

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