Creator Music

YouTube, which is one of the most used content platforms in the world, has become a source of income for content producers in recent years. Satisfied with this trend, the company further enhances this experience with the innovations it brings to the platform. YouTube recently announced the Creator Music feature for musicians.

Creator Music offers creators an extensive catalog of songs to purchase
The company introduced a number of new features at the Made on YouTube live event. A new feature was introduced at the event, where it was announced that the advertisement feature was brought to YouTube’s Shorts videos. Creator Music has been announced for users who use music in their content.

Creator Music is a new feature that makes it easier for creators who want to use it in videos to purchase songs. The program, which is still in beta testing, will offer an extensive catalog of songs that creators can browse, search and purchase. With the new feature, song owners are also expected to earn money.

YouTube has accelerated its innovations recently. So much so that the company does not want to stay behind in the face of attacks from rival platforms. In this sense, the company, which started to use some features from TikTok, which is its biggest rival, wants to be the best in the content world. On the other hand, YouTube; It has gone through several design changes for Android, iOS and web version.

The platform, which has updated the Shorts section, has now overhauled the video page. In the new design, we see that the boxes are shaped into pills, the like/dislike buttons are combined, and the comments come to the fore. According to YouTube’s new page design, the name of the channel will now be placed between the title of the video and interactable buttons such as like/dislike.

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