GTC 2022

Nvidia introduced many new products and services at the GTC 2022 event it organized today. The company, which has recently expanded its product range, is also getting into the field of high-precision autonomous robots. In line with this goal, Nvidia introduced the IGX platform.

Nvidia IGX will enter surgical platforms using Clara Holoscan
Nvidia introduced the Nvidia IGX platform, which brings advanced security to smart machines and human-machine collaboration, at its event today. The platform is designed as an artificial intelligence platform with medical applications including robotic-assisted surgery and patient monitoring.

The IGX platform also supports the Nvidia Clara Holoscan platform, which allows medical device developers to bridge the gap between on-premises data center and cloud services. This enables rapid development of software-defined devices that bring the latest AI applications directly to the operating room.

Nvidia has already found its working partners. Three leading medical device startups Activ Surgical, Moon Surgical, and Proximie chose the Nvidia Clara Holoscan combination to power their surgical robotic systems. Tom Calef, chief technology officer of Activ Surgical, said:

Nvidia Clara Holoscan will help us optimize valuable engineering resources and get to market faster. With Clara Holoscan and NVIDIA IGX, we envision our intraoperative AI solution with data-driven insights to transform the collective surgery experience and help make world-class surgery accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, the new Nvidia platform is powered by Nvidia IGX Orin, the world’s most powerful, compact and energy-efficient artificial intelligence supercomputer for medical devices. According to the statement, IGX Orin developer kits will be available early next year. Nvidia will convey detailed information about the platform with the free virtual conference, which will last until Thursday, September 22.

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