NVIDIA made a show at the event it held today. The company, which made its mark on the night with the RTX 40∫80 and 4090, came up with new services and products in many areas such as DLLS3 and artificial intelligence technologies. One of them was NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, developed for autonomous vehicles. Here are the details…

NVIDIA DRIVE Thor introduced!
NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, which is an autonomous driving technology at its core, combines functions such as automatic and assisted driving, parking, driver and passenger monitoring, digital instrument panel and in-car entertainment in a single product, with a performance of up to 2,000 teraflops.

Expressed as the next generation, NVIDIA DRIVE Thor came with the capabilities of Grace CPU and Ada Lovelace GPU. While it has MIG support for graphics and computing, it can work simultaneously, without interruption, with the help of the unique IVI and advanced driver.

In his speech on the subject, Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, stated that the developments in computing and artificial intelligence are progressing at the speed of light. He also underlined that DRIVE Thor will always remain active while the vehicle is running and will offer a safe ride.

ZEEKR, which is under the umbrella of the Geely automobile company, announced that it will use the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor architecture and announced that it will use this technology in the next generation smart electric vehicles that will start production in early 2025.

The new NVIDIA DRIVE Thor also has the ability to run multiple operating systems. In this way, it can offer similar solutions for different ecosystems without being tied to a single platform. It also uses NVLink C2C chip connection technology. The NVLink-C2C is capable of sharing, scheduling and distributing jobs across the link with minimal overhead. With this feature, automakers are provided with the ability to securely and wirelessly release software updates.

Another advantage of NVIDIA DRIVE Thor is that it undertakes the function of 5 different hardware by itself. Automatic and assisted driving, parking, driver and passenger monitoring, digital instrument cluster and in-car entertainment functions are combined in the central computer, DRIVE Thor.

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