Youtube Shorts

We recently shared a leak that YouTube Shorts creators will be making a profit on ad revenue. As a matter of fact, this information was confirmed at the event held by the company today. In this way, it plans to become a formidable competitor against TikTok and similar platforms. Here are the details of the new Partner program…

YouTube Shorts creators will now receive ad revenue!
YouTube has announced that with the new changes it will put into effect at the beginning of next year, Shorts content producers will begin to receive advertising revenue. He also said that this partnership offers real revenue sharing for the first time in the world between short video sharing platforms like Vine and TikTok.

If we look at the details, within the scope of the revenue sharing program with new business partners, there will be the right to apply to generate income for content producers who have received 10 million views on YouTube Shorts within 90 days.

Of course, the income here will be provided by the ads that appear in the Shorts feed, just like in TikTok. Then, the amount obtained from this will be collected in a common pool and divided among the content producers according to the total number of views and watch times. The cutoff will be 45 percent regardless of whether they use music or not.

With this development, it is expected that the wage distribution in other applications will be regulated in the near future. Because last year, YouTube’s highest-paid Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) earned $54 million in net income from the platform, while only $15,000 from TikTok.

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